Booking is now open for 2021 (see below)

May 23rd to May 30th 2020 (reserve list only)

May 30th to June 6th 2020 (reserve list only)

June 6th to June 13th 2020 (reserve list only)

August 22nd to August 29th 2020 (reserve list only)

August 29th to September 5th 2020 (reserve list only)

All-inclusive course fees (tuition and full board)

€1450 Little House with shared bathroom and grand piano on the ground floor.

€ 1550 is for an ensuite room in the Main House, with shared practice facilities. A high quality digital piano can be placed in the room for a further €100.

€1650 is for one of the ensuite rooms outside the Main House, with piano and terraces.

For the course starting on August 22nd, there is a surcharge of €100

Partner fees on any course – 650 euros

Open to participants aged 18 and over

Courses 2021 – booking now open

May 29th to June 6th

June 6th to June 13th

August 21st to August 28th

August 28th to September 4th



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