“I can’t recommend James Lisney’s piano masterclass courses too highly. They cater to a range of talent and accomplishment with egalitarian aplomb, and give amateurs a chance to hone their playing in the ultimate pianistic safe space. The transition from private practise to public performance is a nervous one for non-pros, and James helps us step up to the wicket with great tact and benevolence. An exceptional pianist himself and a gifted teacher, he is a nurturer and inspirer too, and you’ll come away from his classes born again (musically) and raring to practise. He is also, for a bearer of the sacred flame, unusually amusing, and his masterclasses are often as hilarious as they are illuminating. An enormous amount of pedagogical gold-dust is scattered, references given, and anecdotes spun, and what emerges in the course of a week is a radiant affirmation of the pianistic art and the repertoire. Throw in some aperitifs, summer heat, a midnight swim under starlight, the sound of a commercial solicitor practising Scriabin, and the sense of having entered an enchanted realm is complete. For lovers of the piano, this is the closest you will get to heaven on earth, especially when listening to James play Liszt’s ‘Bénédiction de Dieu dans la Solitude’.”

 Conrad Williams, author

“I have been lucky enough to attend a couple of courses in France run by James Lisney over the last couple of years.  These courses throw together pianists of varying standards from the complete novice to the most advanced amateurs and returning professionals.  James’ expertise and enthusiasm gives everyone the confidence to perform at the daily masterclasses and evening concerts, but it is at the individual sessions, where the magic really happens.  It is here that James gives you the full insight into what you are playing – how to tackle the piece as a whole, but more importantly, how to practice the individual sections and master the technical difficulties.  Everyone comes away inspired to improve their technique and practice even harder – but also having had a really enjoyable experience working with a true professional.  I would wholeheartedly recommend these courses to any aspiring pianist.”


“I’ve attended James Lisney’s masterclasses over many years and he’s been the single most important influence on my musical development. His masterclasses are always good natured and informative with a strong sense of musical camaraderie”


“I’ve enjoyed continuously accelerating improvement in my playing, over some years now, through the nothing short of brilliant, inspirational teaching and musical education in the wonderfully supportive and hospitable classes and workshops provided by James Lisney. ”


“I have been fortunate enough to be taught by James on two occasions at piano summer courses in France. A few lessons each time. The lessons were wonderful!

I am a teacher but not a performer and he was able to offer me so much help both on technique and interpretation. He really inspired me to continue and offered so much good advice. His masterclasses were always interesting and also entertaining! He engaged the audience a lot and had such a wide range of knowledge to offer – I refer often to the notes I made during these classes.

James has contributed a lot to my determination to keep working at my own piano performance and I am very grateful for that.”